Inclusive Schools Committee

The KP/KG PTA’s Inclusive Schools Committee is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about a range of issues that make each member of our community unique. 

One of the things the committee is highlighting is Dyslexia awareness. Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects approximately 20% of the population. Early identification means earlier intervention. Implementing the appropriate learning strategies for these students can lessen the learning gap that expands each year a diagnosis is delayed.

The FCPS County Dyslexia Specialist, Carrie Leestma, will be giving a presentation on March 26, 2020 following the regularly scheduled PTA meeting that evening at 6 pm. 

Please email Elizabeth Anderson if you would like to join the Inclusive Schools Committee — or just want to talk to a fellow mom that is on the journey with Dyslexia, too. Elizabeth has a kindergartener and a third grader at Kings Park. She is not a specialist in Dyslexia, but a mother wanting to make a difference for all children in our community who need to learn a little differently.