Boosterthon: Sweepstakes

Did you know that just by registering & sharing students could win a family trip to Disney?

The Boosterthon Dream Vacation Sweepstakes offers a chance to win a trip to Disney for a family of 4. This is a nation-wide sweepstakes and is not limited to Kings Park/Kings Glen. Full details are available in your student’s dashboard at

Sweepstakes Entries Available by:

  • 1 Entry – Share on Facebook
  • 5 Entries – Register
  • 10 Entries – Upload Photo
  • 15 Entries – Share by Text
  • 30 Entries – Add 3 Emails
  • 70 Entries – Add 7 Emails

We understand that not everyone can donate but grab a CHANCE TO WIN with a few quick keystrokes. Every Share could lead to a donation that will help our schools!

Official Sweepstakes Rules

The Text feature is only available if you access on your mobile phone.

You can click on “How to Get Pledges” to see all the easy ways to SHARE on

How to Register

Thanks for your support of Kings Park and Kings Glen!

All Boosterthon FunRun 2021 information can be found here.

Questions, please contact VP of Fundraising, Sarah Maccubbin-Tremper.