Care to Share

The Kings Park/Kings Glen PTA is proud to announce the Care to Share initiative is back.

Care to Share is a way for our students to help turn lunch leftovers into food for community members in need. On a daily basis, students throw away food items that could be donated to those who are hungry. Of course, students are encouraged to eat the meals they purchase and to take home their leftovers; however, it has been observed that many students do neither and unopened, packaged food ends up in the trash.

PTA volunteers are working with school staff on the implementation of the initiative. Care to Share baskets will be in the cafeterias to collect unopened school lunch food. We will accept food purchased from the school lunch line and encourage food from home to return home.

Kings Park students can donate school purchased items (non-perishable & unopened) such as unpeeled oranges & apples, juice cups, crackers, and muffins.

Kings Glen students can donate all unopened school purchased items such as fruit, dairy items, packaged crackers & muffins and juice.


Thank you for your interest in helping our community! Pre-pandemic there were more than 67,000 people in Fairfax County that were food insecure – and it’s only gotten worse. There is a lot of uneaten food at KP and KG and we would like to pass it along to those that could use a little extra!

Whether you are available once or on an ongoing basis, we can use your help! Volunteers are needed to collect the food and deliver it to Food for Others. Full instructions for volunteers are available at the link below:

Sign up Here

Questions? Contact the PTA Care to Share committee

Kings Park Collection Area

Kings Glen Collection Area

As of January 2020, the program has donated:

• 2,140 milks

• 280 cheese sticks

• 380 juices

• 40 pieces of fruit

as well as a variety of other items.

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