Baskets Bonanza

Baskets & Bingo is getting a new name! Our annual Spring fundraising event is now BASKETS BONANZA!

We have 140 options to choose from this year!

Classroom Baskets

Teacher Experiences & Teacher Donated Items

Community Donated Items

Gift Cards to Local Businesses

Once again this year, we will be holding the basket raffle online. Baskets can still be won via a raffle system. Instead of walking around a gym or library and submitting your tickets into a bucket for the basket you want to win, you will peruse from the comfort of your house on your computer.

Raffle opens at 5:30 PM on Thursday, March 3.

Raffle closes at 8:00 PM on Thursday, March 17th.

Event Information

What is Baskets Bonanza?

Classroom Baskets

Basket Raffle


What’s in the Baskets? List of Items in the Baskets


Questions: Contact Sarah Maccubbin-Tremper or Deirdre Bussom Daumit.

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