Print the form below to purchase tickets with cash or check for Baskets & Bingo 2021. The form must have all required information filled in. The form and payment must be received by Monday, April 19th.

If you are unable to print the form, simply write on a piece a paper your Name, Email, Grade, Teacher, Number of Tickets and include a list of baskets that tickets should be entered in.

Return form with your payment in a sealed envelope by Monday, April 19th.

Envelopes with payments can be returned to Kings Park or Kings Glen.

At Kings Glen, you can drop payments in the contactless basket outside the door at exit #1.  Please call the office at 703-239-4000 for items dropped off between 9AM and 3PM to alert the office personnel so they can retrieve the envelopes.

Please visit for a complete up-to-date list of baskets including pictures and descriptions.

Download Form Here

Questions: Contact