Classroom Baskets

Although this year’s event is virtual, one thing we still need are BASKET PARENTS. A basket parent is needed for each classroom. The role of the basket parent is to coordinate collection of items for the basket from other families in your student’s classroom, organize the items and deliver the basket. 

Each classroom basket is assigned a Theme. This year’s assigned themes are:

Knowing that many parents may have less “free time” to shop and that many have adopted different ways to do their shopping, we have provided lists with the goal of making being a basket parent a little easier by providing you with ideas for items at your fingertips.  

This year’s Idea Book provides each theme with 2 shopping lists full of ideas for the basket. The shopping lists are meant to guide and help each basket parent with items for the basket. The lists are not exhaustive of the possibilities for the basket. Be creative and think outside the box.  There is an Amazon wish list and a list created on that includes items from a variety of online stores both local and national.

Gift Card baskets: There are baskets that are made up entirely of gift cards.  For these baskets, there is a link to a Google Doc with a list of possibilities for gift cards. This list is not exhaustive but meant as a starting point to help the basket parent.

Thank you to all those that have volunteered to be Classroom Basket Parents. All baskets have been claimed.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with the Idea Book with shopping lists and more detailed information on how to proceed.

Thank you for your support of this annual fundraiser. Without parent volunteers, we could not make it happen.

Questions regarding baskets can be sent to the Baskets Coordinator, Deirdre Bussom Daumit.

Questions regarding the event can be sent to VP of Fundraising, Sarah Maccubbin-Tremper.