Thank you to everyone who helped with B&B

Baskets & Bingo is one of the PTA’s biggest fundraisers, and it couldn’t happen without the hard work of some amazing members of the PTA. A big thank you to Karen Spencer, who headed up the event this year, and to Maggie Massaro who has agreed to follow in Karen’s footsteps next year. In addition, the PTA would like to acknowledge:

  • Maureen Goble, Food
  • Taryn Svercl, KG teacher experiences
  • Emily Saint Onge, KP teacher experiences
  • Jenn Fedor, Baskets/basket parent coordiantor
  • Samantha Kinard, ticket pre-sales
  • Christina Eagle and Martha Sproehnle, volunteer coordination
  • Michelle (& Mark) Crabill, Bingo

In addition, thank you to those who volunteered to be basket parents (we had some truly amazing looking baskets this year); everyone who donated to the classroom baskets; the principals, teachers and staff who donate time and continue to support the event; our on-site volunteers; and everyone else that contributed to the event. And, of course, a big thanks to the parents, staff, and students who came out Friday night and had fun!

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