Food Allergy Support

Does your child have food allergies? We are a group of parents passionate about creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for students with food allergies. Join our Facebook group or contact Asuka Curameng at for more information.



Tips for Families with Food Allergies:



Fill out FCPS medial forms (see link below) and bring them to the health clinic. Changes/updates can be made at any time during the year.

Based on these, an Individualized Health Care Plan will be created for every student with known food allergies.


Communication with Teachers

Many of our FA families have found that maintaining a good communication with the classroom teachers has been helpful in managing our children’s allergies. We encourage you to reach out to your child’s teachers to discuss daily allergy management practices. Here are some topic ideas that might be of interest along with some approaches other FA parents have taken in the past:

  • Snacks/snack time

Separate FA students from students with snacks containing allergens

  • Birthday treats

Non-food alternatives: stickers, pencils, etc.

Leave a box of snacks for your child in case unannounced birthday treats with allergens arrive

  • Water fountains

BYOB! Send a water bottle with your child so they have access to water instead of using the communal water fountain.

  • Projects involving food

Ask you child’s teacher to inform you in advance about any food in the classroom.




For all families, teachers and staff:


Thank you for being mindful of our children’s allergies! We know it’s not easy and we truly appreciate your help!


Safety tips:

Handwashing is the best way to prevent cross-contamination. Remind your children/students to always wash their hands & mouth before AND after meals. Hand sanitizers do not work.



*Please always ask the parents in advance if any foods will be served/used.